The following dance forms are taught in the children's dance classes conducted by Mrs. Suchithra in Abu Dhabi (UAE).

1. Bharatanatyam

Bharatanatyam originated in southern India, Tamilnadu. It started as a temple dance tradition 2000 years ago and is perhaps the most advanced and evolved dance form of all the classical Indian dance forms.The name Bharatanatyam is a simple derivation from the four most important aspects of dance. The Sanskrit words are Bha from Bhava meaning emotion, Ra from Raaga meaning music or melody, Ta from Taala meaning rhythm and Natyam meaning dance. Thus Bharathanatyam is the dance that encompasses music, rhythm and expressional dance.The dance is performed in the stage as Nritham, Nrithyam and Natyam. Bharatanatyam is based on the theories of the books 'Natyasaasthram' and 'Abhinaya Darpanam'.The dance form is based on 'Adavu' (steps) and 'Hasthamudra' (hand gestures). The sequence of the dance performance is 'Alarippu', 'Jathiswaram', 'Sabdam', 'Varnam', 'Padam' and 'Thillana'. After 'Thillana', with a 'MangalaSlokam' the dance program ends. As a classical dance teacher, Mrs. Suchithra offers Bharatnatyam classes in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah (Shabia 9, 10, 11, 12).

2. Mohiniyattam

This classical dance form of Kerala was first performed by women in temples, over a thousand years ago, as an offering to God, their beloved. The dance movements may appear simple, but effort is required to capture the grace. This dance form exudes enchantment grace and passion. Mohiniyattam (Mohiniattam)is a fusion of ' Bharathanatyam ' and ' Kathakali ', as it is a combination of the graceful elegance of Bharatanatyam and dynamism and vigour of Kathakali. In Mohiniattom, the Lasya element of dancing is predominant, and the mood created is Sringaram (erotic). Like many other Indian dance forms the aspects of Mohiniyattom can be divided mainly into two - Nritha (pure dance) and Nrithya (expository dance). When a child starts learning Mohiniyattam, she starts first with the Nritha (pure dance).

3. Kuchipudi

Kuchipudi, one of India's seven main classical dance styles, combines fast rhythms with fluid movements, creating a nice blend of control and abandon, strength and delicacy. It presents scenes from Hindu Epics and mythological tales through dance-dramas combining music, dance and acting. The lyrics used in Kuchipudi are usually in Telugu, though Sanskrit verses are also used. While Kuchipudi, like BharataNatyam comprises pure dance, mime and histrionics, it is the use of speech as well that distinguishes its presentation as dance drama. For Kuchipudi classes in Abu Dhabi, please contact Keralanatanam.

4. Kerala Natanam

Kerala Natanam which means Kerala dance, is a new style of dance that is now considered as a distinct art form evolved from Kathakali a famous form of Indian dance-drama. Unlike traditional Kathakali and Mohiniattam, a variety of many musical instruments were also added to his presentations. Kerala Natanam is comprised of Nritha, Nrithya and Natya based on traditional Kathakali, without detracting from its basic tenets but has some of its complex involutions and intricacies. Kerala Natanam is a classical dance following rudiments of 'NatyaShastra' and practicing basics of Kathakali techniques. It is a classical dance suited for both men and women. It is ideal for solo, duet and group performances and is designed for dramaturgy. It is universal because it is stylized and choreographed with a universal audience in mind. Mrs. Suchithra Sajeev has got opportunity to learn Kerala Natanam from Guru (Dance Teacher) Sivanandan Nair, SwathiThirunal college of Music, Thiruvanathapuram.

5. Kid's Dance Classes - Bollywood Dance

Keralanatanam provides folk and Bollywood dance classes in Abu Dhabi. Kerala has a rich verity of folk dances. They are highly developed and reflected and the temperaments and moods of the localities in music and costume. Life experiences and relevant incidents in the community are seen in almost all of these folk dances, even in those performed in connection with harvests, sowing of seeds, festivals etc. Many of these dances are performed by man alone, some exclusively by women. Bollywood dances are performed to the accompaniment of Hindi songs with vibrant music. Please contact us for getting trained in Folk or Bollywood dance in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (for kids & girls only).

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